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A website is the unique identification of your businesses online presence. Design & developing your online identity by focusing your customer needs can be tricky. Let us help you grow.

In this era of modern technology, computers are the most important thing. Every organization needs a website that stays live virtually 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If your website is not responsive (Mobile friendly), visitors will not convert into customers in most cases. Or just simply isn’t satisfied enough to make the purchase from you instead will go with someone else. This is why you need a professional web design & development team to help you meet all the criteria to maximize user experiences.
Whether you are new to this field, or you already have a website but need redesign? Let us help you grow your business.

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  • Your site should be visible – When we state visible, we mean in web crawlers like Google, bing, yahoo, yandex. Over 90% of online encounters start with an internet searcher, so your site should be enhanced for the best website improvement (SEO). At the point when you pick “POMATIA Technologies”, you're ensured to have a site improved for SEO as well.

  • Your site should be responsive – 57% of all US online traffic currently originates from mobile and tablets, and 57% of clients state they won't suggest a business with poorly designed websites. In the event that that is insufficient to persuade you, Google additionally positions responsive sites higher in the searcher results.

  • Your site should be secure – Data breaks and hacked customers data have been large subjects of conversation as of late—and your site guests know this. In the event that your site has wherever clients can fill in close to home data (regardless of whether it's only a telephone number and email address) it should be secure. Google offers better ranking for a secure website compared to a site that is not

  • Your site load speed needs to be faster – Website guests need to witness something on your webpage in less than three seconds. If not, 40% of them will leave and go to another site. That is also known as bounce rate, high bounce rate is bad for SEO. Indeed, even a one-second deferral can cause a 7% decrease in transformations.

  • You need to ensure great user experience –Once your page loads, clients structure a conclusion in 0.5 seconds. They hope to have the option to discover data effectively and rapidly—particularly from a mobile or tablet.

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